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  • Area no Kishi Chapter 93 by S2scans

    Here is chapter 93 of Area no Kishi. Kamakura High School in action. Enjoy
    And thanks to marimar for the raws.

    Translator: marimo
    Proofreader: Satinel
    Editors: Popuri, anginribut
    QCers: marimo, Satinel
    Raw Provider: marimo


    Note: Download link will be available in a few hours
    EDIT: Download link is ready
    Comments 16 Comments
    1. Ayanami's Avatar
      Ayanami -
      Yey! Unnie's first release!
    1. Myeolchi's Avatar
      Myeolchi -
      Minna-san!! Thank you for the hard work
    1. Satinel's Avatar
      Satinel -
      Congrats on your first release Angin!
      Also thanks for the hard work everyone! <3
    1. GreatAmar's Avatar
      GreatAmar -
      thanks AnK team.. nice release.
    1. Hariti's Avatar
      Hariti -
      Thank you for the release.
    1. nandina3's Avatar
      nandina3 -
      Thank you for your hard work!
    1. KaitoKief's Avatar
      KaitoKief -
      Thanks for the chapter
    1. alyona's Avatar
      alyona -
      thanks for your hard work
    1. Trax's Avatar
      Trax -
      Thanks for the release!
    1. anginribut's Avatar
      anginribut -
      I fell asleep
      DL link is up
    1. Grey88's Avatar
      Grey88 -
      thanks guys
    1. pyeong's Avatar
      pyeong -
      Quote Originally Posted by anginribut View Post
      I fell asleep
      DL link is up
      Yoona's habit has been passed on to you
      Congrats on your first release
    1. mudcore's Avatar
      mudcore -
      Thank you so much for this chapter guys!
    1. orquidea_negra1's Avatar
      orquidea_negra1 -
      Thank you so much.
    1. anginribut's Avatar
      anginribut -
      Quote Originally Posted by marimo View Post
      Yoona's habit has been passed on to you
      Congrats on your first release
      seems so
    1. mel85's Avatar
      mel85 -
      thank you for the release of chapter 93
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